La Boqueria market Tour & Spanish cooking class

Spain is renowned for its wide array of Tapas delicacies, combining fresh and seasonal products with Mediterranean flair. So why not add a twist to your trip and learn how to make typical Spanish cuisine yourself with Just Royal BCN’s cooking workshop.
The experience begins with an tour around the nearby market La Boqueria. Cataloged as the best market in the world, with 70 million visitors per year. With a rainbow of top-quality produce and diverse blend of aromas, it’s hardly surprising that it is saturated by tourists, making it all the more useful to have a local guide you through the hustle and bustle.
From anecdotes about the sellers themselves to the history of Catalan gastronomy and its traditions.
Next, we will head to the private home of a professional chef.
Once introduced to their beautiful kitchen, fully stocked with premium chef-approved products, the workshop kicks off with a tasting session. All carefully prepared to perfection, the sampling menu consists of a spectacular array of ten tapas, originating from various cities within Spain.
Deliciously garlicky prawns melt in your mouth croquettes and octopus “feira” are amongst several other delectable dishes served up by the charismatic chef – all presented to the highest of standards. You will be hard-pressed to find tapas on par elsewhere in the Catalan capital.
After being seduced with sublime flavors, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the fundamental basics of Spanish cooking. From kitchen novices to cooking enthusiasts, those of all skills will take pleasure in learning how to cook Just Royal BCN’s traditional menu of Spanish omelette, seafood paella and a regional favorite, the famous ‘crema catalana’. This communal cooking experience not only allows you to master the art behind the craft of exquisite Spanish cooking but also the chance to mingle with fellow foodies, or simply to enjoy spending time with a loved one.

Not to mention, the workshop is heavily assisted by an endless flow of wine, making both cooking and dining even more enjoyable.
Cooking complete, you will be invited to their private lounge – a gastronomic dining space oozing elegance and finesse. Mealtimes are certainly not something to be rushed in Spain. Therefore, in true Iberian style, enjoy a leisurely feast and revel in your new-found status as a chef and connoisseur of Spanish cuisine. What better souvenir to take home with you than the taste of Spain?
It is an open workshop, it means that can attend up to 10 participants. Here lies its charm and a chance to meet interesting people.
The workshop time is: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (lunch time), or 3:00 p.m. at 7:00 p.m. (dinner time).
Language: English/ Spanish.
It can also be done as private cooking workshop, that is, with a chef, assistant and a private space for you. For groups of two to twenty two participants.
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Touristic visit to the market: La Boquería


Cooking Workshop led by a professional chef

It includes tasting 10 “Tapas” and a full lunch.


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